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Photo Tour Luxurious Vacation Villa Rentals located inside the grounds of the Grand Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort in Puerto Rico.
Rio Mar
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Resort Villa Rentals
P.O. Box 362724
San Juan, PR 00936-2724

787.723.2088 | 787.723.2096 787.903.9831

Start your journey to paradise by filling out our reservation form. You will be emailed a confirmation of your reservation request and shotrly thereafter we will be in touch with to fine tune any special requests or questions you may have.

Please remember that villas are reserved with a deposit payment equal to 40% of the total rent and the difference is due 30 days prior to arrival at the villa.

We accept

Thank You and We look forward in seeing you soon!

Reservation will be made under this name.
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Arrival Information:
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If no car rental, would you like private transportation?
(Cost of Van $75.00 for up to 4 people / $20 extra person)

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Cost of Villa Rental:
Tax & Service Charge - 12%

Will you be needing a crib?
(@ $20 per night)
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Will you be needing roll away beds?
(@ $25 per night)
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Will you like maid service?
1 Bedroom
(@ $50 per day or $210 per week)
Yes      No
2 Bedroom
(@$70 per day or $270 per week )
Yes      No
3 Bedroom
(@$100 per day or $360 per week )
Yes      No
4 Bedroom
(@$100 per day or $450 per week )
Yes      No
Total cost of rental:

Credit Card (Visa/MC)
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I hereby authorize Villas in Puerto Rico Realty, P.S.C. to charge the above credit card for the amount of 40% of my total cost of rental, and charge the balance due 30 days prior to my checking date. I acknowledge that I have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this rental.

I also acknowledge that I have accepted that in the event that I cancel my reservation, Villas in Puerto Rico Realty P.S.C. will levy the following cancellation penalty percentage rates of the Total Rental Fee (amount shown on the booking confirmation):

Up to 60 days prior to the arrival date 20%
Between 30 and 60 days prior to the arrival date 40%
Less than 30 days prior to the arrival date 100%

I also acknowledge that different conditions and cancellation penalties apply for Christmas and New Years reservations and that I have read them at Christmas Policy and accepted them.

By typing my name, I electronically accept the above
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Or you can print & fax the form to us at:
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